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The diversity of colors and its logs turned into stone, take you to a green and marshy Patagonia.
240 meters rock gives the name to a fascinate area, world paradise for rocks climbers and geologists in Chubut.
A place between the mountains, the crystal clear waters of its rivers and lakes, and trails that run through its forests and mountains,
Un espectáculo bajo el mar verde azulado, lobos jugueteando al ritmo de los rayos del sol que atraviesan el océano.
Located at the foot of the Cordillera de los Andes. It is the starting point to live different experiences, mixing landscapes, culture and stories.
2,200 meters of trails and nine entrances to try to reach its center, with amazing views
Nant and Fall Protected Natural Area allows you to enjoy the nature in its purest form only 16 km from Trevelin.
A break to connect, learn and experience the Welsh culture and enjoy its traditional gastronomy.
Puerto Madryn además de ser la Capital Nacional del Buceo y Actividades Subacuáticas, se puede disfrutar de otras aventuras terrestres, descubrilas...
Near Trevelin, you can get to know an extraordinary natural environment from another world-view
Los Alerces National Park invites to walks among trees with centuries of history, a beauty that offers lakes, rivers and waterfalls ...
Por mar, lagos y ríos, podés atravesar la provincia navegando, hacer una travesía de varios días o simplemente dar un paseo.
Argentina was the first country in Latin America to legalize same sex marriages.
Night and solar observatories in the southernmost Planetarium in the world
¡Find Nature and Spirituality!
11 original size replicas of the regions main dinosaurs take you back yo a past a 169 millions years
En Punta Loma podrás visitar el espectacular Golfo Nuevo para admirar a estos mamíferos.
Caleta Valdés, due to its specific geographic condition, is the most diverse marine mammals rookery and has amazing viewpoints to observe their ways of life.
With locomotives and wagons from 1922, the Old Patagonian Express "La Trochita" is much more than a tour of impressive landscapes
There it is possible to see the elephants and sea lions throughout the year and to a greater extent between December and April, which is their breeding season. For this reason, it is also feasible to see the great spectacle that killer whales give us when they come to these places in search of food.
365 days a year, the Port of Rawson offers you the possibility of enjoying a nautical stroll in its mythical sea to watch the Patagonian Dolphin.
En un recorrido tan histórico como vigente, la cultura propia de Gales invita en tierras patagónicas a disfrutar de la gastronomía, la música y la arquitectura.
Península Valdés... A continental island of Chubut with so much nature that it takes your breath away,
On the coasts of Península Valdés, they hunt sea lions and elephant seals, taking their bodies out of the water.
Puerto Madryn is the national capital of diving and is also the epicenter of Christian life at Easter.
Una experiencia diferente con la fauna en Cabo Dos Bahías, en un contraste de colores entre mar, rocas imponentes y estepa.
Next to Rada Tilly, from a cliff you can also see whales and the endless sea
In a Mapuche Community, 27 km. de Trevelin, combine in the landscape with traditions of several centuries.
Enjoy mountain biking and a combination of adventure, physical activity, emotion and nature to the fullest
Chubut as the Heart of Argentine Patagonia makes it the ideal destination for organizing events
Life-size sculptures of prehistoric fauna, on an ideal route for children
You can not miss this opportunity to take time to be in harmony with yourself, others and the wonderful environment that surrounds this place.
Huge cliffs along the Chubut river: the province's largest Protected Natural Area is an adventure in itself
The extensive stone beaches and our greenish blue Patagonian sea are the perfect setting to observe them. Do not miss this opportunity!
Protestant chapels, Welsh tea, choral traditions and city names are some traces of a living tradition.
Comodoro Rivadavia, donde se contrasta el mar y la estepa natural de las mesetas, es el centro urbano y de servicios más importante de la región.
Trelew, es una ciudad de 120.000 habitantes, comercial, industrial y de servicios turísticos, que combina cultura, historia, fauna y naturaleza.
Desde snorkelling con lobos marinos hasta cursos profesionales, un paraíso natural te espera bajo el agua en Puerto Madryn y Puerto Pirámides