Piedra Parada: bowels of a 50 million years volcano.

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Piedra Parada: bowels of a 50 million years volcano.


A rock 100 meters base and 240 meters high emerges next to the Chubut River. In the center of the caldera, a 25 km diameter volcano , whose chimney solidified, Piedra Parada is a Protected Natural Area very special.

Monumental canyons, caves, caves paintings and an infinite color palette of yellows, green, gray, red and rose minerals are waiting for you in a fascinate place.

50 million years ago, a large volcanic eruption occurred in Piedra Parada. Part of the volcanic lava turned into different tones of rocks which become into a wonderful landscape.

If you are not a geologist or a rock climber, Piedra Parada is ideal for trekking and mountain bike. Next to this gigantic rock, at the beginning of the area, there is a walking trial of 3 kilometers that immerse you in the Cañadon de la Buitrera, a rocky corridor over 100 meters high sheltered from the wind. Mapuche- Tehuelche painting caves indicate that Piedra Parada was also a place chosen by the native settlers to sheltered from the weather.

Next to River Chubut, Piedra Parada also allows the sportive fishing in different points of the water. And is the home for different native species, such as chinchillon rodent, beside birds and reptiles.

Piedra Parada is in Provincial Route N° 12, 42 kilometers from Gualjaina, 150 km from Esquel and 130 km from Paso del Sapo. But, no matter which path you choose, once you arrive Piedra Parada, you are going to stay with your mouth open.

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How to get:

The distance from Esquel to Gualjaina is 90 km, this town is the last point with services on the road to this Protected Natural Area, which is located 30 km more to the East.

  • You can go to Esquel by plane, it has the Brigadier General Antonio Parodi airport, by bus or car, from Bariloche by the 40 Route or from Comodoro Rivadavia by Route 26 and 40; from Trelew by route 25.

Behavior inside the Protected Natural Area

  • Minimize noise:alters the behavior of fauna and affect the quality of your visit and the others.
  • Keep distance to watch fauna: for your own safety and the animals, too.
  • Please, do not feed the fauna inside the Protected Natural Area.
  • Do not disturb, touch or catch fauna.
  • The informative signs is service for all visitors: please, collaborate with the care and conservation of the signs.
  • If you notice actions against the rules inside the Area, please notify the authorities (wild life guards).
  • Knowing that there is a general rate and that according to the residence of the tourists discounts are made , it is necessary to have a personal I.D (D.N.I, driver´s license, others) to show at the area´s entrance. It is important that every person in the vehicle has their own identification because the entrance ticket is per person.
  • Ticket Protected Natural Area Piedra Parada: Resident: $90 – minors and students: $100 – national major: $150 – retirees: $60 – Foreign minor $ 150 –
    Under 6 years old, people with different abilities and ex combatants: N/C – Full Ticket: $250.
For more information:

Secretaría de Turismo de Esquel

Telephone: (02945) 451927 – 455652 / international +54 (2945) 451927 – 455652

Web Site: www.esquel.tur.ar

Tour Location

It is a Protected Natural Area which has 132 hectares of Patagonia steppe, located between Languiñeo and Cushamen Departments, 42 km from Gualjaina. Under the Provincial Law N° 4.617, the management category assigned V: Terrestrial Landscape/ Marine Protected. It was created under Provincial Law XI N°41/2006. On average, it stipulates that it receives 3500 people annually. Does not have settlers and the land is specifically for tourist use.

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