Work Team

Ministerio de Turimos y Áreas Protegidas

Our missions and functions will only be carried out by always working as a team. Always clinging to our obligations and passions to be useful within the Ministry of Tourism and Protected Areas, to be functional for the team.

Conozca a

Our work team

Sr. Nestor R. García

Minister of Tourism and Protected Areas

Lic. Natalia M. Leske

Undersecretary of Tourism

Sr. Sergio Paul Casin

Undersecretary for Conservation and Protected Areas

Sr. Germán Sánchez

Managing Director. of Communication and Marketing

Sra. Soledad Díaz Ovejero

General Director and Logistics - SsCyAP

Sra. Claudia Fernandez Fenolle

General Director of Tourism Planning and Development

Sra. Daniela Rodriguez Paulet

General Director of Quality and Tourist Services