In Chubut we celebrate diversity

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In Chubut we celebrate diversity


In Chubut we are respectful of sexual diversity

Argentina was the first country in Latin America to legalize same sex marriages.

Nowadays, in Puerto Madryn city are tourist agencies which organize 5 days trips to the city so people can make their civil union there, both domestic or foreign tourists.

The agencies are in charge of facilitate the previous procedures until the arrive to the civil register to formalize their love and begin to travel their life together.

The infrastructure of the city, the tourist attractions and the activities they can do in the Comarca Peninsula Valdes are specially available for the LGBTQII community to enjoy and spend unique and non-forgotten moments, no matter what is the occasion for the trip.

  • Recommended For
Recommendations for having a good experience:
  • We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Do not forget the coat.
  • Always carry your camera or your cell phone with a good battery charge to record special moments during your visit.
  • Binoculars are useful to observe the fauna in the distance.
  • Book excursions with travel agencies that are enable for this purpose. Avoid hiring on the street, except for enabled stands on cruise ship’s days in Puerto Madryn.
  • We suggest going to official information offices in every place you visit, where you can be advised and also, get the correct information to guarantee a good stay in Chubut.

Suggestions recommended for people with their own car

  • Remember stock up on fuel before any trip.
  • Remember animal cattle or autochthonous animals can cross the route in front of your car, drive with precaution.
  • On the way to gravel, do not exceed 60 km/h and avoid brake abruptly.

Suggestions recommended to visit a Protected Natural Area:

  • The gathering of plants, fossils or archaeological remains are forbidden.
  • Circulate by roads and walking trials enabled, the circulation on beaches and cross country is forbidden.
  • Collaborate by taking away your waste once you exit the Area.
  • Take care of the information signs.
  • Always consult and respect the wildlife guard.Avoid penalties.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Please, do not chase, disturbed or feed the fauna. While you are watching fauna,keep your voice calm.
  • Ask information for allowed activities in each Protected Area.
  • The fee you pay when entering each area contributes to the maintenance of the Protected Natural Area in Chubut
For more information:

Puerto Madryn
Secretaría de Turismo de Puerto Madryn: Av. Roca 223
Telephone Information Center: (54 280) 4453504 / 4456067
Web Site: www.madryn.travel
Mail: informes@madryn.gov.ar

Puerto Pirámides
Municipalidad de Puerto Pirámides: AV. DE LAS BALLENAS S/N
Telephone: 054 0280 4495000.
Web Site: www.puertopiramides.gov.ar
Mail: puertopiramidesturismo@gmail.com

Rada Tilly

Adress: Avdas. Almirante Brown y Francisco Seguí.

Telephone: (0297) 445-2423

Web site: www.turismo.radatilly.gob.ar

E-mail: turismo@radatilly.gob.ar

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