Sea Lions´s life, between the sea and the land.

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Sea Lions´s life, between the sea and the land.


If you are thinking of visiting the Chubut coast, you cannot miss the opportunity to meet the sea lion settlement, with which nature distinguishes us, of which we are proud and committed to protecting them.

There you will be able to see the activity of the colonies of sea lions with one hair from different viewpoints, which vary in height and approach to fauna. Depending on the time of year you visit them, you can be an occasional witness to unique moments in the life cycle of this species, such as bullfights and battles between males to stay with the females that are part of the harem, to later mate, the births and the interaction of mothers, with their young, periods of breastfeeding, magical moments where they teach them to swim at the time of birth and then to get their own food, until after the year the puppies, are ready to follow their own way.

Part of the experience is also going to be able to listen to them … since the sea lions emit a very particular roar to communicate with each other that will surely remain etched in your memory.

The extensive stone beaches and our greenish blue Patagonian sea are the perfect setting to observe them. Do not miss this opportunity!

To consider:

  • Sea lions with one hair inhabit our coasts throughout the year.
  • It is recommended to visit the settlement at low tide, to have a better experience.
  • You can see more specimens in reproductive periods.
  • In November / December the males form the harems, between January and February the young,that were created the previous year, born
  • You can go on your own or with an organized excursion.
  • An entrance fee is paid to each Protected Natural Area. Check the current fees.
  • The best places to observe them are:
  • Protected Natural Area Punta Loma:

Sea Lions Permanent Settlement

Located about 15 km from Puerto Madryn.

During the visit, you can also see a colony of rock cormorants that form their nests on the clay walls of the cliffs and teros, among other sea and land birds, as well as eventually guanacos, choiques, maras, foxes and piches.

The Area also has interpretive trails of the flora of the Patagonian steppe.

  • Protected Natural Area Península Valdés.

Punta Pirámides:

Reproduction settlement of sea lions with one hair.

Located 5 kilometers from the town of Puerto Pirámides

ts viewpoints offer extraordinary and stunning views of the New Gulf, the Sea Lion Colony and Puerto Pirámides.

You can also see characteristic birds of the area since it is a reproductive area of several species of birds, as well as eventually local fauna.

During Whale Season, the behavior of the Southern Right Whales can be observed from above.

Excellent place to see the Sunsets.

It has an accessible walking trial and viewpoint.

Punta Norte:

Reproduction settlement

Located 72 km from Puerto Pirámides.

The Area also has interpretive trails for the flora of the Patagonian steppe and fauna.

In the months of February to April you will occasionally see the presence of the killer whales that carry out the intentional stranding (at high tide) to hunt sea lions and feed.

You can also see characteristic birds of the area, as well as eventually local fauna.

It has an accessible viewpoint

Interpretation Center

  • Protected Natural Area Punta Marques

Permanent, non-reproductive station of Sea Lions.

Located 8 km from the city of Rada Tilly.

Eventually native birds and fauna can be observed.

During the winter and spring, specimens of the Southern Right Whale that are in transit to Peninsula Valdés can occasionally be observed, and in the summer whales of the Humpback and Sei species are often seen sporadically, as well as dolphins and toninas overas

Trail with interpretive signs of fauna and observed landscape.

Excellent panoramic points of the whole town of Rada Tilly and also something of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia.

Interpretation Center

  • Recommended For
Suggestions for a good experience:
  • We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Do not forget the coat.
  • You can bring water and light foods, such as fruits, sandwiches or snacks.
  • Always carry your camera or your cell phone with a good battery charge to record special moments during your visit.
  • Binoculars are useful to observe the fauna in the distance.
  • Book excursions with travel agencies that are enable for this purpose. Avoid hiring on the street, except for enabled stands on cruise ship’s days in Puerto Madryn.
  • We suggest going to official information offices in every place you visit, where you can be advised and also, get the correct information to guarantee a good stay in Chubut.

Suggestions recommended for people with their own car

  • Remember stock up on fuel before any trip.
  • Remember animal cattle or autochthonous animals can cross the route in front of your car, drive with precaution.
  • On the way to gravel, do not exceed 60 km/h and avoid brake abruptly.

Suggestions recommended to visit a Protected Natural Area:

  • The gathering of plants, fossils or archaeological remains are forbidden.
  • Circulate by roads and walking trials enabled, the circulation on beaches and cross country is forbidden.
  • Collaborate by taking away your waste once you exit the Area.
  • Take care of the information signs.
  • Always consult and respect the wildlife guard.Avoid penalties.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Please, do not chase, disturbed or feed the fauna. While you are watching fauna,keep your voice calm.
  • Ask information for allowed activities in each Protected Area.
  • The fee you pay when entering each area contributes to the maintenance of the Protected Natural Area in Chubut
For more information:

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