Punta Marqués, sea lions from an amazing view

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Punta Marqués, sea lions from an amazing view


A plateau of 15 square kilometers penetrates the dark blue sea of the San Jorge Gulf. From a cliff, a majestic view allows you to see and hear throughout the year a colony of fur seals.

Five kilometers separate Rada Tilly from the Punta Marqués Protected Natural Area. From a height of 150 meters, from May to November you can see Southern Right whales that travel to the Peninsula Valdés, and in summer, if you are lucky, you can spot whales of the humpback and Sei species, in addition to dolphins and dolphins.

With marked trails and explanatory signage about local fauna and flora, Punta Marqués has an Interpretation Center and a viewpoint circuit with a privileged view of the entire marine coastline of southern Chubut, with countless beaches and cliffs, among which is the city of Rada Tilly, which you will be able to observe from a privileged view

Punta Marqués was created as a municipal reserve in 1985 and incorporated that year into the Provincial System of Protected Areas. It is co-administered between the Municipality of Rada Tilly and the Ministry of Tourism and Protected Areas.

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How to get to Rada Tilly
It is located in the southeast of the province, on the San Jorge Gulf.

  • 1758 km. from Buenos Aires.
  • 12 km. from Comodoro Rivadavia.
  • 385 km. from Trelew.
  • 437 km. from Puerto Madryn.

It is accessed by National Route No. 3.

Permitted Activities:

Trekking on the trails enabled

Observation of flora and fauna

– Research and Monitoring

– Filming with permission

Behavior inside the Protected Natural Area

  • Minimize noise:alters the behavior of fauna and affect the quality of your visit and the others.
  • Keep distance to watch fauna: for your own safety and the animals, too.
  • Please, do not feed the fauna inside the Protected Natural Area.
  • Do not disturb, touch or catch fauna.
  • Deposit the waste generated in the baskets set up for this purpose, located in all the Operating Units, and in the “El Desempeño” Control Post; remember that the Area is a legacy for future generations.
  • The informative signs is service for all visitors: please, collaborate with the care and conservation of the signs.
  • If you notice actions against the rules inside the Area, please notify the authorities (wild life guards).
  • Remember that the Visitor Center of the Isthmus has permanent updating of the climatic conditions, navigation, roads and fauna watching within the Protected Area and information about the pharmacies on duty, nearby hospitals and the emergency services available in the area.
  • Remember that on days with a large influx of tourists such as holidays or long weekends, it is convenient that you make your reservation of services before entering the Protected Area.
  • Taking into account that there is a general fee and that according to the residence of tourists discounts are made, it is necessary to have some type of personal identification (DNI, driving license, or others) to show at the entrance to the area. It is important that each member of the vehicle has his identification since the rate is per person.
  • The Peninsula Valdés Natural Protected Area has an approximate distance of 400 km. from Puerto Madryn, so if your desire is to get to know the whole area, you should start early in the morning because most of the journey is gravel and you can find fauna on the side of the route.
  • Travel Agency Income. The fundamental requirements for entry with passengers is to have a Road Map which must be signed by a provincial or national agency and in case the number of passengers exceeds 5, they must enter with a Provincial Tourism Guide.
For more information:

Secretaría de Deporte y Turismo de Rada Tilly

Tel. +54 297 445-2423

Web Site: turismo@radatilly.gob.ar /

Tour Location

Punta Marqués Protected Natural Area
It is a Tourist Nature Reserve Tourist Research Unit covering 100 hectares of Patagonian Steppe-Argentine Sea, located in the Department of Escalante about 7 km from Rada Tilly. The 100 hectares have management category of Habitat / Species Management Area and are under Municipal administration, through an agreement with the application authority of the ANP System, General Directorate for the Conservation of Protected Areas.

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