Patagonian Dolphin Watching – Toninas

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Patagonian Dolphin Watching – Toninas

82 kilometers south of Puerto Madryn and 17 km. from Trelew, Rawson, the capital of Chubut, has a port where the largest catch of shrimp in Argentina arrives.

In addition to enjoying seafood, there are boat trips to observe Patagonian dolphins, also called “toninas overas”. It is a kind of coastal habits. It usually lives in small groups, generally made up of 2 to 8 individuals, although aggregations of up to a hundred specimens have been observed. Solitary individuals can also be observed with some frequency. They are very active animals that can move at high speeds and with changing directions, especially during dives. They are capable of emitting sounds in a wide range of frequencies. It is very easy to distinguish by its contrasting black and white coloring pattern. The head, tail and all its fins are black and the rest of the body white.The Patagonian dolphin (Cephalorincus Commersonii) does not exceed 145 cm in length, and 50 kg in weight, its rounded dorsal fin is located behind half of the back.

From the Port, Playa Unión is visited, a large seaside resort, where surfing and kite surfing are practiced.

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Suggestions recommend to have a good experience:

The excursion lasts around an hour and a half and navigation can be done during the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the weather conditions, so it is recommended to contact the provider before approaching the place.

  • The use of comfortable clothing and footwear and sunscreen is recommended Do not forget the coat.
  • Always carry your camera or your cell phone with a good battery charge to record special moments during your visit.
  • We suggest going to official information offices in every place you visit, where you can be advised and also, get the correct information to guarantee a good stay in Chubut.
  • Book excursions with travel agencies that are enable for this purpose. Avoid hiring on the street, except for enabled stands on cruise ship’s days in Puerto Madryn.
Providers offering the service

Two companies make these nautical excursions:

  • Toninas Adventure. Marine Fauna Watching
    Address: Av. Marcelino Gonzalez. Pto Rw
    Telephone: (2804 ) 67 57 41
    E-mail: toninasadventure@gmail.com
    Web Site: www.toninasadventure.com
  • Estación Marítima Commersoni SRL
    Address: Av. Marcelino Gonzalez. Pto Rw.
    Telephone: (2804 ) 4498508 / 154591514
    E-mail: contacto@estacionmaritima.com.ar
    Web Site: www.estacionmaritima.com.ar
For more information:

Dirección General de Turismo – Rawson

Address: Av. Guillermo Rawson 299-379,

Telephone: 0280 449-6887

Web Site: https://turismo.rawson.gov.ar/

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