Los Alerces National Park, a walk among trees with centuries of history

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Los Alerces National Park, a walk among trees with centuries of history


In the distance you can see a glacier. Virgin forests unfold in the mountains of snowy peaks, as you navigate a lake so blue that it seems like the open sea. After docking a wooden pier on an island, along a path you will cross the Valdivian jungle until you come across a giant tree, high as far as your eyes can see. It is 2,620 years old.

This is just one of all possible experiences in Los Alerces National Park, made up of a basin with six interconnected lakes and rivers, with forests that maintain their original purity. You will be able to trek, walk, walk, navigate, camp, sleep, enjoy the local cuisine, contemplate a glacier or go through an ice tunnel. Lonely or with company, with your vehicle, by public transport or on an organized excursion, Los Alerces National Park –Natural Heritage of Humanity since 2017– has 260,000 hectares to live intense experiences in landscapes of exceptional beauty, at the foot of the majestic Andes Mountains.

Entering from Esquel, Trevelin and Cholila, you will be able to:

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    People with disabilities
    People with Reduced Mobility
Recommendations for having a good experience:

How to arrive:

  • To access the National Park through more than twenty pedestrian trails and numerous vehicular roads and walks along the lake. It is necessary to go Esquel along National Route No. 259, joining Provincial Route No. 71, which crosses the protected area in a north-south direction. Along this road, you will reach Villa Futalaufquén, where the administrative center of the National Park is located.
    The Route continues to the north of the Park, linking Villa Futalaufquén with National Route No. 258, heading to the City of El Bolsón.
  • You can go to Esquel by plane, it has the Brigadier General Antonio Parodi airport, by bus or car, from Bariloche by the 40 Route or from Comodoro Rivadavia by Route 26 and 40; from Trelew by route 25.

If you go with your own car:

  • Fill up fuel before you leave
  • Drive with precaution: animals live in their natural environment and can cross the roads.
  • On the gravel road do not exceed 60 km / h and avoid sudden braking
  • Pets are forbidden in the Park.

Suggestions recommended to visit a Protected Natural Area:

  • The gathering of plants, fossils or archaeological remains are forbidden.
  • Circulate by roads and walking trials enabled
  • Circulation on beaches and cross country is prohibited
  • Take your waste back
  • Respect and take care of the information signs.
  • For any doubt or inconvenience, ask the wild life guard.
  • Do not chase, feed or disturb the fauna.
  • Watching fauna, please, keep your voice calm.
For more information:

National Park Administration:

Telephone: (011) 4311-6633/0303

Mail: informes@apn.gov.ar

Los Alerces National Park Villa Futalaufquen

Telephone: (029) 45-471020, 45-471015

Web Site: www.argentina.gob.ar/parquesnacionales/losalerces

Secretaría de Turismo de la Ciudad de Esquel

Telephones: (02945) 451927 – 455652 From another country: +54

Web site:www.esquel.tur.ar

Ente Mixto de Turismo de la ciudad de Trevelin

Telephone: 02945 480120

Web Site: www.trevelin.tur.ar

Tour Location

Los Alerces National Park is a protected area of 263,000 hectares located in the Andean region of the Province of Chubut, on the international border with the Republic of Chile. It was created in 1937 with the fundamental objective of protecting the lahuán or larch forests, a typical exponent of the Andean-Patagonian flora. 98/5000 There is one of the oldest specimens on the planet, the millennial larch "El Abuelo".

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