Witness the world’s only Submarine Via Crucis

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Witness the world’s only Submarine Via Crucis


Easter in Puerto Madryn is lived in an exciting and different way, since it is the only underwater way of the cross that takes place in the world. During the event, you will be able to spiritually walk the path of the cross accompanying the procession by land or from the water.

It all starts in the Sacred Heart of Jesús Parish, in front of San Martín Square togo trough the first eight stations in different points of the city until arriving at the Comandante Luis Piedra Buena Pier. There, the huge 4-meter-high cross is submerged in the sea and it continuosfrom there, with the remainings underwaterstations along a lo largo500 meters under water, eight meters deep. It is Priest who is praying and recounting the passion,death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through a hydrophone while professional divers carry the cross.

As the sun goes down, people start lighting candles and the light that radiates from the cross is projected from the sea and the glow of the light bulbs that carry the divers or the boats that are in the water also appear. This fact gives it a lot of warmth and creates a beautiful postcard if you are living the event from the coast or the pier.

The Vía Crucis ends with the departure of the priest and the divers carrying the cross to the shore where they are received by the community, the municipal and parish choir , singing a repertoire ofallusivessongs, along with a large bonfire.

It is a very moving event, for the faith, devotion and gratitude that all attendees transmit by reliving the passion of Christ and that will surely make your skin stand on end. Each one lives and enjoys it differently, from prayer, silence and reflection.

If you dare to live this experience in a more active way you can accompany the last stations from the water diving, having snorkeling or from a kayak or small boats, for that you have to accredit a brief of professional or sports diver or comply with the regulations of naval authorities.

This is a way of living an Easter of resurrection, the very heart of the Christian faith in a completely different way and that is worthwhile as it is recognized by the Christian community around the world!

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Suggestions for a good experience:
  • The event is held annually every Good Friday.
  • If you intend to accompany the event from the water, contact the organizers to find out how to get accredited.
  • During the long weekend of Easter, the Artisanal Fishermen Fair is held, a walk with stands where you can try classic dishes of local cuisine, paellas, seafood pickles and seafood patties, even live seafood that is they are kept in a basin with fresh sea water. Along with the fair there are cooking classes specialized in fish and seafood and musical shows are offered.

Interesting facts:

  • Until 2013, all the stations of the Submarine Via Crucis were carried out underwater, but with the intention of making the event more participatory for the large number of people who accompanied it, it was decided to carry out the first eight stations on land.
  • The original guide of the first Submarine Via Crucis was Father Juan Gabriel Arias, who in addition to being an experienced diver was responsible for starting a tourist-religious activity. When Father Juan Gabriel agreed to go on mission to Africa, he was replaced by a consecrated layman and one of the city’s most experienced and iconic divers: Captain Pinino Orri.
  • The ceremony has the blessing of Pope Francis. Since 2014, the event has been blessed by Pope Francis, who had already authorized the underwater procession when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, positioning himself, as well as one of the most original and well-known religious events in the world
  • During the 2011 edition, the public witnessed the sinking of the “Shepherd of the Abysses”, an image of Christ on a 3 and a half meter iron pedestal, who is the one who cares for divers when they are submerged.
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