Sea, steppe and an adventure on two wheels: Mountain Bike

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Sea, steppe and an adventure on two wheels: Mountain Bike


On one side you see the New Gulf, with its accidents, beaches, cliffs, dunes and many, many wildlife in the wild. On the other side the steppe, with its endless horizons. A mountain bike journey along the coasts of Chubut is not only a physical exercise and an adventure where adrenaline is present, but the possibility of experiencing breathtaking moments on two wheels.

Both near Puerto Madryn and within the Peninsula Valdés (from Puerto Pirámides), beaches, marine fossils, unconventional roads, canyons, field tracks, panoramic and historical points, climbs, descents and the possibility of taking part of the tour await you with whales and sea lions a few meters from the crossing.

If you go alone, accompanied or with your family, everyone can enjoy on mountain bike a combination of adventure, physical activity, emotion and nature to the fullest.

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How to get to Puerto Madryn

  • Ground Transportation: From Buenos Aires, 1.400 km are traveled Through national route No. 3, 12 long-distance land transport companies operate that directly communicate Puerto Madryn with the rest of the country.
  • Maritime Transport: The city has a deep water port where cruises of different flags arrive.
  • Air Transportation: The Tehuelche Airport is located 10 kilometers northwest of the city of Puerto Madryn. It has regular operations with the Jorge Newbery Airport. From Buenos Aires, fly to Puerto Madryn: Andes Airlines, while Trelew is flown by: Argentine Airlines Company, Austral Company and Flybondi Company. Several airlines arrive Puerto Madryn (daily service) and others to Trelew (daily service), covering the route from the airport with transfer or taxi services.
For more information:

Secretaría de Turismo de Puerto Madryn

Address: Av. Roca 223

Telephone Information Center: (54 280) 4453504 / 4456067

Sitio Web: https://madryn.travel/

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