Reaching Enlightenment at the Stupa Samanthabadra – Epuyén

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Reaching Enlightenment at the Stupa Samanthabadra – Epuyén


Among an imposing landscape of mountains and forests, a Buddhist spiritual monument is born that captivates with its particular mysticism. From a distance, before entering the path to enter the property, you can admire a magnificent panoramic view, where the Samantabhadra stupa is outlined, adorned with beautiful and colorful prayer flags arranged on 108 masts around it.

You are welcome here, regardless of your belief or religion, as Buddhists believe that good wishes near a stupa can come true.

Its architecture is unique, it was built according to Buddhist teachings and traditions and the generous effort of those responsible for the project, together with people from an Indian monastery and local artisans.

The set of elements of the stupa such as: its orientation, its sacred geometry, its contents of high symbolic value and the energy charged by the ceremonies of the lamas and the people who visit it, create an incredible potential that sows the seed of the lighting for those who look at it, bypass it or are simply touched by the shadow it casts.

During the tour, the place invites you to open up, to live in the present, to know a little more about another culture and find out how and why it was built in this wonderful place. Contemplating and appreciating its design as a cultural, religious and artistic expression is already a moving fact, but you can also meditate and walk around the stupa clockwise as you roll the 108 prayer wheels found at the base and reciting a powerful mantra “OM MANI PADME HUM”, where each syllable of the mantra helps to achieve perfection in the practice of generosity, ethics, tolerance and patience, perseverance, concentration and wisdom.

Its transforming force promotes a message of inner peace, tranquility and the development of a good heart, essential qualities to generate universal peace

If you are walking the path of Buddhism or want to start a more spiritual life, there are guided meditations, retreats, sound offerings, and talks are also organized by master lamas or spiritual guides, who visit the center of Buddhist studies .

You can not miss this opportunity to take time to be in harmony with yourself, others and the wonderful environment that surrounds this place.

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Suggestions for a good experience:
  • To get there you have to go down a path of low difficulty, where you can enjoy the scenery.
  • It is a sacred place, live in the present moment, make it special.
  • Bring positive thoughts of joy, love, compassion, generosity, or kindness to your mind.
  • It is recommended to turn off the cell phone and keep calm.
  • Please do not smoke as it may cause a fire.
  • You can take photos, go around the Stupa, meditate and leave your positive energy.
  • Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to do the stupa bypass: Although there is no limited number of laps, the minimum advisable is to do three full laps. 108 is the most sacred number.
  • All activities are free, but your conscious donation allows the maintenance and improvement of this spiritual space
  • We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Do not forget the coat.
  • We suggest going to official information offices in every place you visit, where you can be advised and also, get the correct information to guarantee a good stay in Chubut.
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Secretaría de Cultura y Turismo – Municipalidad de Epuyén
Address: Av. Los Cóndores
Telephones: 02945-499248/02945-499375
E-mail: turismoepuyen@gmail.com /culturaepuyen@gmail.com
Web Site: www.epuyenpatagonia.com.ar

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Epuyén, Chubut, Argentina

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