Petrified Forest Sarmiento: a 65 millions years landscape:

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Petrified Forest Sarmiento: a 65 millions years landscape:


To know this Forest is to travel to a long time ago, as if you are in a science fiction stage. Uncountable logs, branches, trees, leaves, and even seeds that rose one hundred meters are now turned into stone It has been 65 million years since the Patagonia was a green, wet and marshy forest.

The petrified forest causes a special impact when you see it for the very first time: the biggest in the world is that of Sarmiento.

The Sarmiento Petrified Forest Protected Natural Area is 28 km far away from Sarmiento and 156 km from Comodoro Rivadavia Is a natural monument of 300 square kilometers such as a movie landscape: sandy clayey soil, volcanic ashes, basaltic rocks and unexpected different types of colors, all surrounded by the Cerro Abigarrado.

Their gigantic petrified logs formed 65 millions year ago were part of the ancient forest that used to cover the current steppe, unloaded by rivers and streams coming from the hills located to the west. Scattered in the area, as you follow the walking trails, you can see palms trees and conifers turned into stone, also autochthonous fauna, such as guanacos, gray foxes, piches, black eagles and harriers.

The tour has different viewpoints where you can see all the Moon Valley in its splendor. At the walking trails, you can find branches, logs of every size and other fossil of vegetables, of brown, red and yellow colors or scattered in the Valley, in such a perfect state of conservation that they seem freshly cut.

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The Protected Natural Area is located in the south center of the province of Chubut, 30Km from the town of Sarmiento.

From Sarmiento by local road, internal 272 of A.V.P, which has 12 km of asphalt and 18 km of gravel.

  • Remember to refuel before your visit.
  • Wear hat, comfortable shoes and sunscreen
  • Follow the instructions of the wild life guard.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Only travel on the trials enabled.

Can be accessed by private car and the reserve has a specific circuit by foot, about an hour walk. Open for visit all the year long.


Low season: 10:00 am to 18:00 pm

High Season: 09:00 am. to 19:00 pm .

  • It has toilets.
  • Visit Center
  • Self guided trails.
  • Wild life guard
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Secretaria de Turismo – Municipalidad de Sarmiento

Address: Avenue Regimiento Mecanizado 25 y Pietrobelli

Telephone: (0297) 4892105

Mail: sec.turismosarmiento@gmail.com

Web Site: www.coloniasarmiento.gob.ar/turismo

Tour Location

Sarmiento Petrified Forest Protected Natural Area , Chubut, Argentina

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