Seven waterfalls are expecting you in Nant and Fall

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Seven waterfalls are expecting you in Nant and Fall


In a walk of 400 ms, seven waterfalls of great beauty are in the high plateau with abrupt terrain cuts. The Protect Natural Area Nant and Fall, allows to enjoy the nature in an pure state just a 16 km from Trevelin.

The river Nant and Fall passes by an irregular area, which brings life to the famous waterfalls, where you can see La Petisa, Las Mellizas and El Salto Grande, with its 64 meters of high. You can see different types of local trees: cypresses, cihues, radales, laura and maitenes, together are an invaluable view. The walk to reach Nant and Fall lasts 45 minutes but it takes one whole day to enjoy the landscape.

The area of 250 hectares is located at the Owen family’s property It has wildlife guard and a gastronomic place, La Nain, that offers local food so you can have a beautiful experience in every single way.

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The Area is located 16 kilometers from Trevelin and 42 kilometers away Esquel. This area has an easy access from Trevelin, 4 kilometers to the south by National Route 259, then turn left, and other 14 kilometers by gravel road

The waterfalls, formed by that stream thats is drainage of Rosario Lake and that empties into Futaleufu River, they are 540 meters above sea level but it looks like all that high is in the last kilometers because the path is constantly rising.

How to get:

To Trevelin:

  • By plane: the nearest airport is 45 km away from Esquel and it has daily flights.
  • By bus: every day, buses leave every hour from Esquel Bus Station , where buses from different places of Argentina arrive. Particularly from Bariloche, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia, Córdoba and Buenos Aires.
  • By car: Trevelin locates on Route 259 which connects with Route 40. From Buenos Aires to Trevelin, the road has 2005 km, and from Rawson, the capital city of Chubut, it has 620 km, by Routes 25, 40 y 259
    Also you can get there from Futaleufú, Chile, retracing 45 km , crossing Futaleufú International Passage.

Behavior inside the Protected Natural Area

  • Minimize noise:alters the behavior of fauna and affect the quality of your visit and the others.
  • Keep distance to watch fauna: for your own safety and the animals, too.
  • Please, do not feed the fauna inside the Protected Natural Area.
  • Do not disturb, touch or catch fauna.
  • The informative signs is service for all visitors: please, collaborate with the care and conservation of the signs.
  • If you notice actions against the rules inside the Area, please notify the authorities (wild life guards).
  • Knowing that there is a general rate and that according to the residence of the tourists discounts are made , it is necessary to have a personal I.D (D.N.I, driver´s license, others) to show at the area´s entrance. It is important that every person in the vehicle has their own identification because the entrance ticket is per person.
  • Nant y Fall Protected Natural Area’s Fee: Resident: $90 – minors and student: $100 – national senior: $150 – Retired : $60 – Foreign minor $ 150 –
    Under 6 years old, people with different abilities and ex combatants: N/C – Full Ticket: $250.
For more information:

Ente Mixto de Turismo de la ciudad de Trevelin

Telephone: 02945 480120

Web Site: www. trevelin.tur.ar

Tour Location

In 1994, the Protected Natural Area is joined to the Protected Natural Area Provincial System under Law Nº 4050. It is the first in the cordillera region of provincial jurisdiction and marks the understanding between the private properties and the natural resources administration with a common goal: guarantee its conservation. The area has 250 hectares.

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