Sharing the ritual of Welsh Tea.

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Sharing the ritual of Welsh Tea.


Entering any of the tea houses that exist in different parts of Chubut, is, without hesitation, pausing to connect, learn and experience the Welsh culture, enjoying its traditional gastronomy, especially through Welsh Tea

Generally, the layout and decoration of these spaces are very varied, although each of them is particularly charming for its antique furniture, historical objects and photographs of its ancestors. All these antiques are worn with great pride and excitement by the hosts of these cultural spaces. These details allow you to entertain the view and take photos, while you wait for the delicious and complete tea service.

While Celtic melodies play in the background, a comings and goings of dishes start from the kitchen, full of delicacies, which dominate your gaze first, then conquer your palate and finally, brighten your stomach. Then comes the tea, served in porcelain teapots covered by colorful woolen coats, so that the infusion keeps the temperature.

Everything that is served is homemade and made with the love and passion transmitted from generation to generation by the first Welsh settlers who arrived in these lands.

The service varies from house to house, but you will always find delicious slices of homemade bread accompanied by sweets, jams and salted butter, scons, pieces of cream pie, apple, walnut cake, chocolate, lemon and the legendary Welsh cake, all accompanied for a tasty blend of black tea in strands of intense and captivating color and aroma.

The Welsh Tea ritual is performed in order to delight your senses, taking into account every detail of this tasty experience, which transcends generations thanks to the effort and diligence that the pioneers knew how to have

The moment of tea was something fundamental in the life of the Welsh communities of Chubut, that’s why, when today you enjoy the service offered by the tea houses, you can see the search of the hosts to transmit that history in every dish they carry to your table.

Take advantage of you visit and enjoy this delicious ritual with a flavor of history.

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Suggestions recommended to have a good experience:
  • You can go on your own or hire a tour that includes a visit to some tea house within the itinerary.
  • The settlements of the Welsh Colonization in Chubut are currently reflected in various localities such as Puerto Madryn, Rawson, Trelew, Gaiman, Dolavon, July 28, Trevelin, Esquel, Comodoro Rivadavia and Sarmiento. Not in all Destinations there are Tea Houses.
  • Be ready to eat abundantly, so before going try not to eat much.
  • The cost of the service varies in each place.

Interesting facts:

  • Traditionally, the Welsh colonists, after each religious service, when important decisions had to be made, or to celebrate an event, enjoyed communal tea. The room next to the chapels, called “vestry”, were the epicenter of these meetings where each family came up with something delicious to share, which arose from the products they had managed to get from working the land and from family recipes.
  • Every July 28th , “the landing party” is celebrate, commemorating the feat of the Welsh who left Liverpool in 1865 and then landed on the coasts of Chubut. On that date, the communities of the chapels or the Welsh Associations in the province open their doors and serve the tea, to revive the community tea that was celebrated by the first settlers.
  • The Welsh black cake is the queen of this ritual. It is a version, created by the colonists of what in Wales they knew as “Bara brith” (speckled bread) and born from creativity due to the lack of resources they were going through at that time. This cake has the ability to keep for a long time and was ideal for long 19th century trips as it was a way of preserving products that could be spoiled. This gave rise to other traditions that are still maintained today since for example the main floor of wedding cakes is usually the Black Cake. After the party, it is wrapped and stored in a can and the couple shares a piece during each anniversary They say it can last 10 years, and is a symbol that any difficulties can be overcome.
  • Each family has its own recipe, with secret ingredients and they said that its elaboration requires more than 40 hours!
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