Rosario Lake: nature, fishing and original culture

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Rosario Lake: nature, fishing and original culture


Get to know the Mapuche traditions while enjoying music with instruments from their culture, tasting ñaco (toasted flour), tortillas al embers or an indigenous herbal tea. In Rosario Lake, in addition to enjoying nature and sport fishing in a spectacular landscape, you will also be able to discover an original culture that has been alive for centuries.

27 kilometers from Trevelin, after a winding road with views that deserve to be registered, flocks of pink flamingos, great fly fishing options, and a combination of trekking await you in the mirror of water that gives the Mapuche community its name. culture and gastronomy with identity.

After a walk or contemplating the lake and its forests, at Amuan Ñi Rukamó (Casa del Artesana), the unique handicrafts with spinning techniques that have not changed in recent centuries are the prelude to a talk at the family home. Cheuquehuala or a shared snack at Mrs. Inés’ house. Natural attractions are mixed with stories and traditions that still remain.

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How to get:

  • By Plane: the nearest airport is 45 km from Esquel and has daily flights.
  • By bus: every day, buses leave every hour from Esquel Bus Station , where buses from different places of Argentina arrive. Particularly from Bariloche, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia, Córdoba and Buenos Aires.
  • By car: Trevelin locates on Route 259 which connects with Route 40. From Buenos Aires 2005 kilometers are traveled, while from the province capital, Rawson, 620 are traveled, along Ruts 25, 40 and 259.
  • Also you can get there from Futaleufú, Chile, retracing 45 km , crossing Futaleufú International Passage.
For more information:

Ente Mixto de Turismo de la ciudad de Trevelin

Telephone: 02945 480120

Web Site: www.trevelin.tur.ar

Important information:

Currently, the community is developing new tourist products in conjunction with travel agencies in the region, so it is possible to plan an excursion that combines trekking, culture and gastronomy with identity.

In summer, visitors can enjoy Lake Rosario, either for bathing, fishing or sailing using the services of the camping that operates in the community.

The camping site has a stove, a small dock, toilets and a grocery store.

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