Unmissable Sarmiento Dinosaurs Theme Park

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Unmissable Sarmiento Dinosaurs Theme Park


More real than a movie, the Sarmiento Dinosaurs Theme Park will amazed you with its scientific rigor: 11 original size replicas of the region’s main dinosaurs take you back yo a past a 169 millions years, when the area was forested and wet. You can also discover this habitat in the Sarmiento Petrified Forest Protected Natural Area, 30 kilometers away.

Created for educational purposes, the Dr. Ruben Martinez Park is just 200 meters from the municipal Tourism Office, and its accessed with guided tours organized in this office. Ideal to be surprised as a family.

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Sarmiento is located in the extreme south of the Province of Chubut, 140 km east of Comodoro Rivadavia and communicated through National Route No. 3, National Route 26 and Provincial Route 20; following this last road and after traveling 440 km.

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Secretaria Municipal de Turismo Sarmiento

Telephones: 0297-4892105/ 0297-154574716

Web Site: www.coloniasarmiento.gob.ar/turismo/

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