Lago Puelo National Park, an imposing landscape setting

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Lago Puelo National Park, an imposing landscape setting


Walking to the border with Chile in the middle of the lush Valdivian jungle, or sailing to that imaginary border in a huge mirror of blue-green water. On the way back, enjoy the beaches with an extraordinary micro-climate, much better than the rest of the mountain rage.

In Lago Puelo National Park you can also ride, go on a kayak, fish, camp next to the mirror of water just 200 meters above sea level or swim in summer in a lake with unusually warm waters, which can reach 20 degrees

With a particular large of flora, which offers unique species like the hazel, ulmo, tique and lingue, the park has pure pitra forest, the longest cipresales in Argentina and is one of the three national parks that protect the alerce Also, you can find different birds such as the ruby hummingbird and the torrent duck, and if you are lucky, you can see the huemul or the little monkey from the Mountain.

Whether on a boat excursion, hiking or trekking, in the Lago Puelo National Park you can discover places of unparalleled beauty, such as the source of the Puelo river, the Las Lgrimas and Los Hitos streams, the forests of Cerro Bajo and Pitranto , the Forest of Shadows, the incredible view from the Currumauida hill and the spectacles of the waterfall of the León river and the Río Melo drawer.

Only 4 km from Lago Puelo and with an easy entrance, this Park has a recreational area with a wild camping that counts with stoves. At the Park entrance, there is an Information Office where you can ask about fishing permission, tours and enabled services.

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Recommendations for having a good experience:

How to arrive:

To enter Lago Puelo National Park by car, it is made from San Carlos de Bariloche, National Route N° 40 until El Bolsón and Provincial Route N°16 until the Recreation Area of the Park (145 km) From Esquel, National Route N° 40, National Route N ° 258 and Provincial Route N° 16 (155 km).

Other means of transport: Lago Puelo, town 4 km away, receives buses daily from Bariloche or Esquel. From there, it is possible go by bus, taxi o remiss.

Bariloche has daily flights from Buenos Aires or Cordoba, and from Bariloche you can go by rented car or tourist provider’s transfer.

If you go with your own car:

  • Drive with precaution: animals live in their natural environment and can cross the roads.
  • Pets are forbidden in the Park.

Suggestions recommended to visit a National Park:

  • The gathering of plants, fossils or archaeological remains are forbidden.
  • Circulate by roads and walking trials enabled
  • Collaborate by taking away your waste once you leave the place.
  • Respect and take care of the information signs.
  • For any doubt or inconvenience, ask the wild life guard.
  • Do not chase, feed or disturb the fauna.
  • Watching fauna, please, keep your voice calm.
For more information:

National Park Administration:
Santa Fe 690, C1059ABN,
Buenos Aires, República Argentina
Tel: (011) 4311-6633/0303
E-mail: informes@apn.gov.ar

Parque Nacional Lago Puelo, (U 9211 ADA) Chubut.
Telephone: (02944) 499232
Telefax: (02944) 499064
Web Site:www.argentina.gob.ar/parquesnacionales/lagopuelo
Mail: lagopuelo@apn.gob.ar

Dirección de turismo Municipal Lago Puelo
E- mail: informeslagopuelo@gmail.com
Web Site: www.informeslagopuelo.wixsite.com

Tour Location

Parque Nacional Lago Puelo, Chubut, Argentina
In 1937, the Argentine State, under Decree Nº 105.433, declared several Andean-Patagonian zones as reserves destined for national parks. Among them was Los Alerces in the Province of Chubut, which had an annex located about 115 km north. Later, in 1945, under Decree-Law Nº 9504 ratified by Law Nº 13.895, it was declared Los Alerces National Park keeping the Annex. In 1971, the Law 13.895 was modified by Law Nº 19.292, which grants the status of National Park to, until then Puelo Annex.

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