By Cruise on the High Seas, to Puerto Madryn!

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By Cruise on the High Seas, to Puerto Madryn!

The crystalline and deep waters of the New Gulf, together with the sun that slowly rises on the horizon, accompany the arrival of each cruise to the city of Puerto Madryn annually.

Arrival is usually early, to be able to enjoy all the experiences that this landfall offers and thus discover the wildlife paradise and marvel at its vast Patagonian landscapes.

As soon as you get off the cruise, you can book an excursion at the foot of the pier with one of the authorized travel agencies, to visit any of the nearby Protected Natural Areas. Depending on the time of year and the time you have before leaving for another port, you will be able to choose various options such as whale watching, Southern Right Whale or Patagonian Dolphins, walking among penguins, seeing the life of Sea Lions with one hair and Sea Elephants, visit a rural stay, practice diving and snorkeling with sea lions, meet the largest dinosaur in the world or
be part of the Wales tea ritual.

Another alternative may be to take a free transfer from the pier to the city center to get to know it and soak up the local culture, strolling through its streets and making some purchases, enjoying walks along its charming beach and taking in the views it offers of the Gulf, to then choose one of the several restaurants that exist to taste the local gastronomy, which ranges from fish and seafood dishes or a delicious Patagonian lamb and close the day visiting one of the interesting museums that the city offers.

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Recommendations for having a good experience:

It is recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Do not forget the coat.

You can bring water and light foods, such as fruits, sandwiches or snacks.

Always carry your camera or your cell phone with a good battery charge to record special moments during your visit.

Binoculars are useful to observe the fauna in the distance.

Book excursions with travel agencies that are enable for this purpose. Avoid hiring on the street, except for enabled stands on cruise ship’s days in Puerto Madryn.

We suggest going to official information offices in every place you visit, where you can be advised and have the correct information to guarantee a good stay in Chubut.

If you rent a car, familiarize yourself with the applicable traffic regulations and check the vehicle before starting your journey.

Suggestions recommended to visit a Protected Natural Area:

The gathering of plants, fossils or archaeological remains are forbidden.

Circulate by roads and walking trials enabled, the circulation on beaches and cross country is forbidden.

Collaborate by taking away your waste once you leave the Area.

Take care of the information signs.

Always consult and respect the wildlife guard. Avoid penalties.

Please, do not chase, disturbed or feed the fauna. While you are watching fauna,keep your voice calm.

Ask for allowed activities in each Protected Area.

The fee you pay when entering each area contributes to the maintenance of the Protected Natural Area in Chubut

Providers offering the service

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For more information:

Secretaría de Turismo de Puerto Madryn
Address: Av. Roca 223
Telefax: (54-280) 4453504 – 4456067

Tour Location

Puerto Madryn

Consult our tourist providers to complete your experience..