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Settled between the Musters and Colhué Huapi Lakes, Sarmiento is the last fertile valley to the south of Argentina. In this oasis of agricultural production hides a history of millions of years, with an immense petrified forest, a paleontological park and rock art of native settlers.
Former Welsh settlement founded in the late nineteenth century, Sarmiento has some 150 farms, which added to the products provided by the lakes, make it a gastronomic paradise where you can also practice agrotourism.
The renowned Patagonian lambs in the area add to the highest quality beef and unique fish, such as Lake Musters perch or rainbow trout. To this are added the local production of cheeses, preserves, in addition to fruits and vegetables.
Meeting area with time immemorial, Sarmiento has a petrified forest, a paleontological park with replicas of the dinosaurs found in the region and the Alero de Arte Rupestre, a set of traces of human presence in Patagonia with more than five thousand years of antiquity.


Located in the south center of the province, Sarmiento is 1939 kilometers from Buenos Aires, 150 from Comodoro Rivadavia, 449 from Esquel and 384 from Puerto Aysén (Chile). It is accessed by provincial route 26.


– Sport fishing
– Petrified Forest
– Trekking
– Agrotourism
– Cultural tourism
– Gastronomy: Patagonian lamb, beef, fish, cheeses, preserves


The Sarmiento Petrified Forest Protected Natural Area offers nothing less than a trip to the remote past, in an amazing landscape that has a lot of moons and science fiction movies. Countless trunks and trees turned into stone allow us to imagine what this part of Patagonia would look like when it was a green and humid forest, 65 million years ago.


Municipalidad de Sarmiento
Secretaría de Turismo
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Telephone +54 297 489 2105
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Mail: coloniasarmientotour@gmail.com