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Río Pico


Río Pico is a town from the beginning of the 20th century; it owes its name to the one who was head of the commission of limits Ing. Octavio Pico and the largest river that runs through the area. The historical reference of its foundation is the start of activities of the National School No. 75 built on land donated by the Hahn brothers, one of the first settlers of the place as well as the Amuinahuel families, Jaramillo, among others.
Its main economic activity was cattle raising

It is a small town located west of Chubut, at the foot of the mountain range. Surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes, the town and its surroundings constitute one of the most beautiful places in Chubut. The tourist attractions it offers, the unspoilt and spectacular landscape, allow the visitor to enjoy contact with nature.
Its economic activity has always been cattle raising farming and in recent years it has had a strong tourist development, mainly due to the practice of sport fishing, an activity that is carried out during the fishing season in various mirrors of water in the area, such as in Lagos 1,2,3,4,5, L. Vintter, L. Engaño, L. False Engaño, L. Los Niños, L. Guacho, Río Nilson, Río Pico, Laguna Temenuao and Laguna La Pav
In the urban part and its surroundings it has a rich historical and cultural heritage, with old houses of various styles of construction.


Río Pico is located to the west of the Province of Chubut in the Río Senguer – San Jorge Gulf region.


– Trekking
– Cultural Circuits
– Flora and fauna watching
– Sport Fishing


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