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Rio Mayo


The intersection point of the mythical national route 40 and the bi-oceanic corridor between Comodoro Rivadavia and Puerto Aysén (Chile), Río Mayo offers a combination of gastronomy, fishing and outdoor activities, with the possibility of seeing the work of field men very close
Río Mayo is one of the largest sheep producers in the country, and therefore the gastronomic experience of the local Patagonian lamb should not be missed. Animals fed with pastures from the local valley – like wild thyme – give the meat a unique flavor, and very characteristic of the region.
At the junction of the Guenguel and Chalía rivers – which form the Mayo river –, amidst a vegetation of calafates, molles, thyme and wild mint, fly sport fishing allows you to find rainbow trout, perch and silverside, among other species. In addition, tourist stays are an alternative to warm and traditional accommodation. Six mountain bike circuits expand the region’s outdoor options.


Located in the Southwest of the province, Río Mayo is 2035 kilometers from Buenos Aires, 278 from Comodoro Rivadavia, just 124 kilometers from Paso Coyhaique and 278 from Puerto Aysén (Chile). It is accessed by national routes 40 and 26 and by provincial route 22.


– Sport fishing
– Trekking
– Rural tourism
– Mountain bike
– Horseback riding
– Photographic Safari
– Visit to guanacos hatchery
– Gastronomy: Patagonian lamb


Every January, the National Shearing Festival allows us to appreciate in detail the work that country men do with sheep. In the midst of a great popular celebration and with Patagonian roast lambs, you can see different techniques and shearing skills, including even the guanacos shave.


Municipalidad de Río Mayo – Dirección de Turismo
Telephone: +54 2903 42 0058