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Rawson has been the capital of the province of Chubut since 1884 and is recognized as the “Mother of Cities”. It was founded on September 15, 1865, constituting the 1st stable population of Chubut. Here is the Welsh Chapel Ricardo Berwyn which was founded in 1881 and is the oldest chapel in the Chubut River Valley. The city also offers a variety of museums and entertainment places
5 km away is Playa Unión, the beach resort of the Capital, it is admirable both for its scenic beauty and for its tourist options and the practice of nautical sports such as Kitesurf, Surf and Windsurf, as well as coastal fishing.
During the summer months, its beaches are full of tourists who come to enjoy the open sea, its extensive and clean beaches. A great night movement can be seen, with a large number of bars, restaurants and discos.
At the mouth of the Chubut River is the estuary where it is possible to observe a variety of mammals and birds, such as the Patagonian dolphin (tonina overa), dolphins, sea lions and elephants , gulls, petrels and ducks.
Another great attraction is the gastronomy and the tempting fish and seafood dishes, highlighting the classic shrimp offered by the restaurants near the pier.
In the Port of Rawson is the traditional yellow fleet of fishing boats. It offers a surprising natural spectacle such as the Patagonian dolphin watching, this animal is one of the smallest species of dolphin in the world and is characterized by its unique pattern of black and white coloration. It departs from the port of Rawson in boats specially prepared to cross the sea in safety and comfort.
A short distance, heading south, is Magagna Beach located 12 km from Rawson. It is a complex of four beaches: Bonita, El Faro, Cangrejales Norte and Cangrejales Sur. These beaches resorts, to the south of the mouth of the Chubut River, have little stable population since only in recent years has the infrastructure of public services (electricity, public lighting and drinking water) been built. The most popular activity to do in Magagna is “pulping”, that is, the extraction or fishing of octopuses and the fishing of different fish such as silverside, grouper, rooster fish, etc.


The city is located in the lower valley of the Chubut River, 7 km from the mouth of the river in the Atlantic Ocean. In that place is Puerto Rawson, with a purely fishing activity, where the “Yellow Fleet” stands out, with cool boats that mainly fish for hake and shrimp. In addition, 600 meters from the port is Playa Unión, a beach resort on the open sea that receives thousands of tourists every summer.


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