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Punta Márques Protected Natural Area

Punta Márques Protected Natural Area

It is a Tourist Nature Reserve and a Research Unit covering 100 hectares of Patagonian Steppe-Argentine Sea, located in the Department of Escalante about 7 km from Rada Tilly.

Among its conservation objectives are the preservation of species and genetic diversity, scientific research and the protection of an area of ​​the marine coast and Patagonian shrub steppe where there is a reproductive colonie of the South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens). It is also a scientific research area and a biological research unit.

The 100 hectares have category of Habitat / Species Management Area and are under municipal administration, through an agreement with the enforcement authority of the System of Natural Protected Areas, General Direction of Conservation of the Protected Areas. The domain of the territory is provincial prosecutor and has a degree of control in acceptable terrain, with transitory presence, of seasonal character of agents.

It is open to visitors and there is no population that inhabits the territory, its specific use is the tourism activity.

Conservation Objective

Preservation of species and genetic diversity. Scientific research. Protection of an area where there is a reproductive colonies of the South American Sea Lion Scientific research area