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Puerto Madryn


The city stands out for being the most important service center and closest to Peninsula Valdés, a protected natural area created in March 1983, with unique characteristics, which since 1999 was designated by UNESCO “Natural Heritage of Humanity” .
One of the main attractions of the region is the presence in the waters of the New Gulf of the Southern Right Whale (eubalaena australis), one of the living monuments of our planet
Modern and varied service infrastructure: accommodation, gastronomy, travel agencies, beaches resorts, shopping center, crafts and shows.
Whales, penguins, elephant seals, sea lions, killer whales and dolphins, together with a great variety of birds and terrestrial fauna make up the appealing attraction of the Peninsula Valdés. The surrounding landscape of coast and steppe, stays and adventure are part of this offer that receives visitors throughout the year.
Beaches, dunes, sea and plateau, are the ideal setting for practicing outdoor activities: diving, kayaking, mountain biking, trekking and nautical roads to enjoy in full contact with nature.
Throughout the 5km. of beach on which the city spreads, there are 5 beaches resorts that mostly function as restaurants and coffee shops throughout the year and where different nautical activities are practiced.
In winter, when tourists return from excursions, they usually go out to explore the city by bicycle, to walk along the waterfront or the shopping center, ideal walks to experience the tranquility and security that the city offers.
During the whale season (June to December) whales can often be sighted from the shoreline and the typical sounds are heard at night.


It is located in the north-eastern region of the province of Chubut, on the shores of the New Gulf, occupying the central-southern section of the Bahía Nueva.


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Dirección de Turismo and Information Center
Address: Avenue Julio A. Roca 223. C. P 9120
TE.: (0280) 4453504- 4456067
Web Site: http://madryn.travel/
E-mail: informes@madryn.gov.ar