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Protected Natural Area Península Valdés

Protected Natural Area Península Valdés

It is a Natural Protected Area that covers 840,000 hectares of the Patagonian Steppe – Mount of plains and plateaus, located in the Department of Biedma, which contains the town of Puerto Pirámides, and which is distant from the Town of Puerto Madryn 10 km from its southern limit.

Its conservation objectives include:

  • Maintain representative samples of terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems that ensure the continuity of natural processes
  • Protect the landscape, natural and cultural heritage
  • Facilitate the research and monitoring of the area in its natural, cultural and social aspects
  • Promote sustainable activities compatible with the conservation of the area such as tourism, fishing, and handmade mariculture and livestock;
  • Promote knowledge and value of the protected area in the inhabitants of the region.

The 840,000 hectares have management category of Protected Area with Managed Resources and World Heritage Site. it is under the mixed administration, with its regulatory body being the Undersecretariat of Conservation and Protected Areas of Chubut, the domain of the territory is mainly private, followed by the provincial, municipal and national prosecutor respectively. The degree of control in acceptable terrain, corresponding to 50% of it, and has the permanent presence of fifteen agents.

The last census gave a result of 400 inhabitants and among the productive uses to which the land is destined are livestock and tourism


On average, it is stipulated that 343,000 people visit each year.

You can check and download the entrance fees to the Area at the following link: https: //chubutpatagonia.gohttps://chubutpatagonia.gob.ar/descargas/

Conservation Objective

Maintain representative samples of ecosystems; protect the landscape, natural and cultural heritage; facilitate research and monitoring; promote compatible sustainable activities; promote knowledge and value of the area.