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Gobernador Costa


Founded in 1925, until that time Gobernador Costa was only a nucleus of settlers with small herds of cattle, who shared their days with some merchants installed in the area and with descendants of the original peoples living in the area, including families of the Cacique Valentín Saihueque.
Today, the mythical National Route 40 is the gateway to the town, as it becomes its main avenue. Visitors can visit the artisan center, dedicated to rescuing and disseminating the techniques of the indigenous peoples of the area, with the possibility of observing and participating with artisans in the development and creation of handicrafts.
Another point to consider is the Valentine Saihueque Regional Museum. Inside it is possible to travel to a remote and at the same time close past, from images and elements of different inhabitants of the region. In the museum’s courtyard, a sculpture by Rose Tepanós (from Easter Island, Chile) represents a pounced Creole horse and a tehuelche watching.
In an environment of total tranquility, visitors can also enjoy full contact with nature by visiting the Blue Lake, a small water mirror located 90 kilometers from the town.
Every February, Gobernador Costa dresses up a pure tradition with the Provincial Horse Festival, where traditional country activities are reflected in parades, horse rides, and horse training competitions.

  • Trekking
  • Walkings
  • Valentín Saihueque Regional Museum
  • Craft Center

The mythical Route 40 becomes when you reach Gobernador Costa on its main avenue: through it you enter the tranquility of Gobernador Costa, a town nestled in the valley of the Genoa stream, which every February becomes the equine capital, with the Provincial Horse Festival.


Located in the west of the province on the north bank of the Genoa stream valley, Gobernador Costa is 179 kilometers from Esquel, 495 from Trelew, 400 from Comodoro Rivadavia and 1880 from Buenos Aires. It is accessed by the mythical Route 40.


Departamento de Turismo Municipal
Avenue Julio. A. Roca s/nº
Cellphone + 54 9 2945 (15) 60 5737