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In the Northwest of the Province of Chubut lying on the Andes mountain range and immersed in an area of varied landscapes possessing unparalleled beauty is the town of Cholila.
The passage of the glaciers shaped this landscape, leaving as a vestige immense glacial valleys crossed by a necklace of lakes and rivers.
It is in these valleys where the different human groups settled, first Tehuelches and then Chileans-Mapuche and Creoles-, Syrian Lebanese, Germans, Spanish, North Americans, Italians; who were engaged in livestock production.
Today this economic activity has continuity, mostly as a form of subsistence.
The tranquility in which everyday life takes place offers the possibility of resting in a pure environment.
For lovers of nature and adventure there is a wide range of tourist and recreational activities; Among them you can take walks through the native forest, horseback riding, sport fishing, sailing through rivers and lakes, photographic safaris, ascent to hills, and visits to historical sites or participate in the Provincial Festival of Barbecue and the Reins Meeting.
All these activities could not be carried out without visitor services, so the town has inns, cabins, lodgings, restaurants, transportation and guides, in addition to basic services.
The territory of the town of Cholila constitutes one of the most attractive areas in terms of nature and landscape.


Cholila is located in the mountain range of the Province of Chubut, a northwest region made up of 4 valleys of glacial origin: “El Cajon” Valley, “El Rincón” Valley, “El Blanco” Valley and “Villa Lago Rivadavia” Valley.


– Cultural Circuits
– Trekking
– Trekking
– Sport Fishing
– Los Alerces National Park
– Agrotourism
– Gastronomy
– Local Production


Área de Turismo Municipalidad de Cholila
Information Center Telephone: 02945-498202
Facebook: Dirección de Turismo Cholila
E-mail: dirturcholila@gmail.com