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Camarones is a coastal town nestled in an exceptional geography: the indelible blue of its coasts, the mountains and its neat and wide streets make it the best-kept secret on the entire Patagonian coast. Its distance from urban centers and its unforgettable views of the sea give it a unique aura of tranquility.
Camarones is the gateway to the Southern Patagonia Marine-Coastal Interjurisdictional Park, where the Cabo Dos Bahías Protected Natural Area is located, a little-visited reserve that has unusual fauna diversity, amidst a geography of coves and beaches around kind . In addition to a Magellanic penguin colony, you can see sea lions, cormorants, guanacos, rheas and gray foxes, among many other species.
For fishing lovers, Camarones offers the possibility of embarking in search of salmon farms. And every February the National Salmon Festival is held, which gathers fishermen from all over the country for three days. In addition to the contests and the election of the queen, the celebration ends with a famous banquet: the Chupín del Pescador.


Located on the coast of the province of Chubut, Camarones is 1680 kilometers from Buenos Aires, 252 from Trelew and 262 from Comodoro Rivadavia. To get there, from National Route 3 you have to travel 72 kilometers along Provincial Route 30.


– Flora and fauna watching
– Diving
– Nautical excursions
– Sport fishing
– Rural tourism
– Trekking
– Gastronomy of seafood
– Perón Family Museum
– Photographic Safaris


In 1903, Mario Tomás Perón settled as a Justice of the Peace in Camarones, along with his wife Juana Sosa and his son “Juanito”. Juan Domingo, the future president, would spend his first childhood and the summers of his adolescence in this town, which he remembers today in the Museum of the Perón Family.


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