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Alto Río Senguer


Senguer is the name of the river on which the population sits. This name, in turn, comes from the language of the southern Tehuelches which means “passage (ford) of the clutch (eggs)”, so in fact, the river received its name from a natural passage over its bed , like almost all the rivers and streams in the southwestern region of Chubut. Although the municipality currently uses the word Senguer (with a final r), it is also referred to as Senguerr.
The town’s original name was “Schultz Pass,” after the German-born settler who built the first permanent home on the site, around 1915. On April 1, 1943, the first development commission was created, and the town was administratively established. The city was founded in that year, but since the end of the 19th century the valley in which it is located was attractive to settlers who settled to take advantage of their pastures in an arid pre-Andean environment.
The main economic activity is livestock, with numerous establishments in the area dedicated especially to the breeding of sheep, and to a lesser extent cattle.
Regarding production, livestock continues to be the main activity in its surroundings and it also has sawmills. The surrounding Andean area constitutes an attraction for tourism, which is characterized by its seasonality; there it is possible to practice fishing in the lakes, go hiking in the mountains and go horseback riding. The city has a service infrastructure for accommodation.


Alto Río Senguer is located in the southwest of the Chubut province, in the Patagonian steppe, protected by the river valley that gives it its name, providing access to the forests of the Fontana and La Plata basin in the Cordillera de los Andes


– Urban and Cultural Circuit
– Sport Fishing
– Excursions to Fontana and La Plata lakes
– Shoonem Municipal Protected Park – Alto Río Senguer
– Trekking


Dirección de Turismo y Medio Ambiente
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