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28 de julio


On February 25, 1935 the Municipality was formed under the name of July 28 in commemoration of the date of arrival of the Welsh settlers on the shores of the New Gulf.
Its farms, neighborhood roads, buildings and its people preserve the cultural and productive traces of the pioneers.
This Valleya town is located near the rural area of Maesteg and includes in the area, several elements of the Welsh colonization in Argentina, such as chapels, cemeteries, the crocket turbine, among others.
Its activity is mainly concentrated in the livestock farming sector.


The town of 28 de Julio is located west of the lower valley of the Chubut river in the so-called VIRCH-VALDES region.
True to a story of settlers who with conviction and effort forged a destination of progress for this prodigious valley, JULY 28, is located some 65 km from Rawson, capital of the province of Chubut. It has access through the national routes N ° 25, the provincial route N ° 10 (route that joins from the south with the national route N ° 3), as well as the provincial route N ° 7, in its journey through the valley, crossing Dolavon, Gaiman and Trelew.


– Cultural Circuits
– Agrotourism
– Welsh Traditions: Welsh Tea and Welsh Chapels
– Typical Gastronomy
– Local Production


Municipalidad de 28 de Julio
Address: Chacra N° 338, Provincial Route N° 7.
Postal Code: U9107XAD
Telephone: 2804492251
E-mail: municipalidad28dejulio@yahoo.com.ar