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National Park Los Alerces

National Park Los Alerces

Los Alerces National Park is located in the west of the province of Chubut. It has an area of 259,570 hectares belonging to the Patagonian Forest ecoregion.

Decree N° 105,433 of 1937 established the status of reserves for different territories in Andean Patagonia for the subsequent creation of National Parks. One of these territories was that of the Alerces Reserve.

In April 1945, through Decree Law N° 9504, ratified by Law N° 13,895, several reserves were declared National Park and among them the Los Alerces Reserve, which from that moment on assumed the category of National Park

On July 7, 2017 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) declared a World Heritage Site to 188,379 hectares of Los Alerces National Park, of which more than seven thousand protect Millennial Forest of Larch (Fitzroya cupressoides), with specimens reaching 2,600 years of existence.