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Gaiman is recognized as a symbol of the Welsh colony of Chubut, as Welsh traits predominate in his identity.
482/5000 In search of freedom for their language, their faith and their work, the first settlers arrived in the Chubut Valley in 1865, settling at first near the mouth of the Chubut River and gradually occupying the valley lands to the west. Until in 1874 the first inhabitant of what would later be the city of Gaiman settled, an ancient territory in which the Tehuelches used to stop on their routes from the Andes Mountains to the coast.
The democratic zeal of the inhabitants made the town become the first elective municipality of Chubut (1885), with a register that totaled 175 voters.

For the current passerby, the importance of the Welsh founders is evident. Tradition, the construction of chapels and houses with walls of leveled brick or rocks, voices and faces that run through the streets, the curtains of poplars, the irrigation canals that escort the river and carry its waters to rural land, the houses of tea where a homey custom can be evoked that gave flavor to the distance and sometimes to the forgetfulness of this south of the country.


Gaiman is a town located in the Northeast of the province of Chubut, belonging to the VIRCH-VALDES region.

Gaiman is located:
36 kilometers from the Capital City Rawson
17 kilometers from Trelew
20 kilometers from Dolavon
81 kilometers from Puerto Madryn
In turn, it is at a distance of 586 kilometers from Esquel and 388 kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia.

It has 3 access routes:
-National Route 25: Which crosses the Patagonian plateau, from Rawson to the junction with National Route 40, in Tecka.
-Provincial Route 7: Which crosses the entire length of the Lower Valley of the Chubut River from July 28 to Rawson. Known as the “Farms Route”
-Provincial Route 9: Connecting Gaiman with National Route 3.


Paleontological park

– Welsh Traditions: Welsh Chapels and Tea House

– Agrotourism

Cultural Circuits, Museums

– Typical Gastronomy

– Local production
– Local parties


Dirección de Turismo Municipal
Address: Sarmiento 276
Information Center: (1) Belgrano 574 and (2) Julio A. Roca Square- Av. Eugenio Tello S/N.
C.P: 9105
TE.: 0280 – 4491571
E-mail: informes@gaiman.gov.ar/turismo@gaiman.gov.ar
Web Site: https://municipalidadgaiman.wordpress.com/turismo/