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Los Altares Protected Natural Area

Los Altares Protected Natural Area

The Protected Natural Area “Los Altares” covers an area of 150,000 hectares, comprised within the following limits: 100 km of extension following the course of National Route 25 and 16 km wide between the coordinates (on the route) S 43 ° 51 ‘32.00 “- W 68 ° 53’ 2.00” and S 43 ° 49 ‘39.80 “- W 67 ° 45` 1.60” within the area known as “Los Altares”, Paso de Indios y Mártires Department.

The objectives of creating the Protected Natural Area “Los Altares” will be the following:

  • Protect and maintain the landscape of “Los Altares” and preserve balanced interaction with the nature associated with it, its cultural heritage, as well as other values created by the interactions of human beings with the environment through traditional management practices;
  • Provide opportunities for enjoyment, well-being and socioeconomic activities through recreational uses and tourism;
  • Provide natural products and environmental services;
  • To promote scientific and educational activities that contribute to the long-term well-being of the resident populations and to stimulate public support for the environmental protection of said area;
  • Provide a framework that supports the participation of the community in the management of the Protected Natural Area and the integral heritage it contains ;
  • Act as sustainability models to learn lessons that can be applied more broadly.

Category V: “Terrestrial and / or Marine Protected Landscape” was assigned to the Los Altares Protected Natural Area, according to the definition established by Law XI No. 18.

Conservation Objective

Protect the landscape and preserve balanced interaction with nature; Provide environmental products and services; Promote scientific and educational activities.