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Protected Natural Area Huemul Hielo

Protected Natural Area Huemul Hielo

It is located about 30 km from the town of Trevelin and 50 km from Corcovado, covers an area of 30,112 hectares and includes the sources of the Greda stream, Huemul lake and stream, Atravesado stream and Hielo river. Its location allowed the Baggilt Lake protected natural area to be extended as it shares its limit.

It is part of three new reserves, originating from the Tiger River, Huemul Hielo and Río Engaño, created in 2018 and comprising an area of 145 thousand hectares; and adding to the existing ones, they complement a total of 565,000 protected hectares of wooded area.

The objectives of the Protected Natural Areas created will be the following:

  • Preserve and protect the landscape, natural and cultural heritage;
  • Promote active conservation;
  • Plan and execute processes aimed at achieving sustainability in the management of resources, both natural and cultural;
  • Promote sustainable activities compatible with conservation;
  • Promote knowledge of biological diversity and the value of Ecosystem services in each of the Protected Areas at the local, national and international level;
  • Conserve representative samples of terrestrial and aquatic biogeographic units, to contribute to the maintenance of biological diversity and ensure the existence of reservoirs of genetic material in situ;
  • Protection, enrichment, restoration, conservation, use and sustainable management of existing forests.
  • Comply with the Law on Minimum Budgets for the Preservation of Glaciers and the Periglacial Environment, the purpose of which is to conserve them as strategic reserves of water resources

In accordance with the provisions of Law XI N°18, the Protected Natural Areas Nascent of the Tiger River, Huemul Hielo and Engaño River were assigned category VI (Protected Area with Managed Resources).

Conservation Objective

Protect the heritage; promote conservation and sustainability processes; compatible activities; promote knowledge and ecosystem value; preserve biogeographic samples; protection and sustainable management of forests and glaciers